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The claim that “vaccines are completely safe” is FAKE news, yet the entire corporate-run media parrots the lie daily

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The claim that “vaccines are completely safe” is FAKE news, yet the entire corporate-run media parrots the lie daily

Are vaccines safe? It’s a loaded question, and many people prefer not to even discuss it because arguments about it can become very heated. It’s hard to believe that there can be such dramatically conflicting views on something that science has proven again and again – that vaccines are unsafe – but the corporate-run media repeats this lie so often that many people simply take it as gospel. There’s also the fact that sites like Google and Facebook like to ensure people only see news stories that support their beliefs rather than challenge them – beliefs that were created in the first place by truly fake news.

You don’t have to look very hard if you want evidence that vaccines are bad. The first place you could head in your quest for the truth is the Department of Health and Human Services’ very own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS. This is the site that Americans can use to report adverse vaccine events to health authorities. Around 30,000 VAERS reports about vaccine injuries and deaths are filed every year. It’s a shocking number on its own, and it’s likely only a fraction of the true number of injuries considering that many people don’t use the system or even know it exists.

More than $3 billion has been paid to families who suffered from vaccine damage or vaccine death, and Congress has even set up a court devoted to vaccine damage cases. How is that even necessary for something that is as safe as the media claims? Perhaps the most infuriating part of this, however, is that the vaccine industry is granted legal immunity in such cases, so pharmaceutical firms are not liable for the damage. They just have to pay out settlements and then keep on selling their toxic vaccines and raking in the profits.

CDC admits vaccines contain harmful ingredients
Interestingly, the CDC admits on its own website that vaccines contain harmful ingredients. On their “Ingredients of Vaccines Fact Sheet,” they admit that toxic substances like formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and thimerosal are commonly found in vaccines. Yes, that’s right: They admit that they contain formaldehyde, which HHS has admitted causes cancer. They also own up to vaccines containing the neurotoxin MSG. Most people won’t even touch food that contains this ingredient, much less inject it into their body knowingly. Perhaps the biggest offender, however, is the methyl mercury compound thimerosal, which is toxic to the brain and kidneys.

Let’s look at another controversial issue the mainstream media is fond of reporting on: gun violence. Nobody wants to see children shot at school or anywhere else, and there’s no doubt that something needs to be done about it. But while the mainstream media focuses on this very real problem, let’s take a look at how many children under 17 are treated for firearm injuries each year. In 2012, the number was 5,800. And how many vaccine injuries are reported in a year? According to VAERS, there were 45,762 cases just in 2016 – some of which were life-threatening.

Kids are being pumped with more than 50 doses of vaccines before their sixth birthday, and this has somehow become “normal” and accepted thanks to the efforts of the corporate-run media. The reach of Big Pharma is tremendous, with the vaccine market being worth nearly $24 billion in 2016.

Money talks, and the media has advertisers to please, so you’re not going to hear the true story there any time soon. It would be interesting to see, however, what they’d be saying about vaccines if Trump was promoting them and they didn’t have to worry about appeasing Big Pharma. Something tells us they’d be singing a very different tune about vaccine safety if that were the case.
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Vitamin D eases mind AND body: Study finds a daily dose can relieve symptoms of IBS and accompanying anxiety

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Vitamin D eases mind AND body: Study finds a daily dose can relieve symptoms of IBS and accompanying anxiety

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common, chronic disorder of the large intestine that affects 10 to 15 percent of the world’s population. Currently, there is no known cure for IBS, so treatments usually focus on relieving the symptoms. Managing this condition typically entails studying one’s dietary habits, taking over-the-counter medication, and reducing stress. However, researchers from the University of Sheffield have discovered that supplementing with vitamin D may be effective in controlling the condition’s more painful symptoms.

In order to come to this conclusion, the investigative team analyzed seven studies linking vitamin D deficiency with IBS: three were randomized controlled trials, while the remaining four were observational studies. Past research has correlated low vitamin D levels with the increased chance of acquiring various gastrointestinal conditions, including colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. Inquiries focusing on the potential association between IBS and vitamin D deficiency is severely limited, however.

“The vitamin D/IBS link wasn’t spotted by medics or scientists. It came from patients,” said study co-author Bernard M. Corfe.

Although small in number, the studies that examined the vitamin D and IBS connection have all pointed towards said connection’s existence.

For instance, a study that involved 1,000 IBS patients revealed that as much as 75 percent of the population were suffering from inadequate amounts of vitamin D. By contrast, the other studies showed that IBS patients who’d dosed up on vitamin D were able to deal with their symptoms. One trial revealed that great amounts of vitamin D were able to normalize a woman’s bowel habits, subsequently easing the anxiety and depression brought on by her ailment. Yet another study that consisted of assessing 37 blogs of IBS patients found that as much as 70 percent of the patients benefited from vitamin D supplementation.

Moreover, analyses affirmed the prevalence and consistency of vitamin D deficiency among IBS patients throughout the world. “This study looked at all research reported throughout the world and found the deficiency was consistent irrespective of latitude or geography,” Corfe told HealthLine.com.

As for why vitamin D deficiency frequently occurs in IBS patients, the answer remains unknown. One theory has suggested that a person’s daily habits and diet may influence how much or how little vitamin D they get everyday. (Related: What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome & How Can It be Treated Naturally?)

Based on their findings, the investigators concluded that vitamin D supplementation could be beneficial to patients with IBS. Nevertheless, they added that more research needed to be carried out, specifically, larger-scale studies.

Dr. Jeffrey Baumgardner, who is unaffiliated with the study, stated that vitamin D could hold promise for people suffering from IBS, although its efficacy may still vary from person to person. “There is nothing that is 100 percent effective because everyone’s symptoms are somewhat different, so not everyone is going to respond to the same thing. It will help people, but it won’t help everybody. If you are someone with IBS, I think you should talk to your doctor about vitamin D, but don’t be discouraged if it won’t work,” he said.

This statement was echoed by Corfe, who remarked: “Even if the vitamin D doesn’t benefit the IBS, there are multiple health reasons to maintain good levels of vitamin D.”

As Corfe and his colleagues noted in their study, vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining good bone health, proper immune function, a healthy gut, and can even have an effect on one’s mental health. Thus, IBS patients are recommended to have their vitamin D levels checked.
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Feeling the first signs of a flu? Load up on probiotics

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Feeling the first signs of a flu? Load up on probiotics

The next time you feel like you’re about to come down with the flu, reach for your favorite probiotic. As per a recent study, published in Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology, probiotics are “safe and effective” at combating the symptoms of respiratory infections and the common cold. The results of the study have suggested that this is most likely due to probiotics enhancing the immune system.

To arrive at this conclusion, a multi-institutional team of Chinese researchers first recruited 136 volunteers from the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital. The participants were selected on the basis of having had an influenza-like respiratory illness or the common cold at least four times in the past calendar year.

The study, a “randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, prospective trial,” lasted for 12 weeks, during which the participants were divided into two groups. Each group was given either a 150 milliliter (mL) placebo or 150 mL probiotic drink to be taken after lunch every day. Daily questionnaires were administered to ensure subject compliance and to monitor the participants’ health. Additionally, blood and fecal samples were collected prior to and after the 12-week experiment.

The probiotics used in the study were supplied by Danish bioscience company, Chr. Hansen. Both drinks contained the starter strains Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles. The probiotic beverage also included Lactobacillus paracasei and Chr. Hansen-brand probiotic strains Lactobacillus fermentum PCC and Lactobacillus casei 431.

Around 14 participants had developed an influenza-like illness by the conclusion of the study. This condition was defined as having a body temperature of above 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) and any of the symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infection, like nasal congestion and muscle pain. Of the 14 participants, 11 were from the placebo group while the remaining three were from the probiotics group. (Related: Why You Still Got Sick Despite Thinking You Ate Healthy.)

As per the researchers, this effect can be explained by the influence of probiotics on the blood and gut. “The findings of our study indicate that the combination of probiotics could reduce the incidence of the upper respiratory infection, which is possible by increasing the level of [interferon gamma] in the blood and [secretory immunoglobulin A] in the gut,” they wrote.

Both interferon gamma and secretory immunoglobulin A play roles in our immunity. Interferon gamma “activates the bactericidal activities of macrophages, induces B cells to make opsonizing and complement-fixing antibodies, and leads to cell-mediated immunity,” explained the researchers.

As per FoodsMatter.com, secretory immunoglobulin A is the primary immunoglobulin in our body’s mucus. It works by clinging to harmful substances, like bacteria and carcinogens, and ensnaring them in mucus. Secretory immunoglobulin A then neutralizes the detrimental toxins emitted by these substances before expelling them from the body via fecal matter.

While the results of the study have been nothing short of encouraging, the researchers have admitted that further investigation would be necessary. Specifically, more in vivo analyses to determine whether or not “probiotic-mediated immune stimulation” can truly increase one’s resilience to disease and infection.

Probiotic foods and drinks to add to your diet
Consume more beneficial bacteria through these food items:

Yogurt: Not every yogurt is created equal. Some lack the essential live bacteria that make yogurt one of the best probiotics available. For this reason, always pick yogurt with live or active cultures.
Kefir: Compared to yogurt, this fermented milk drink is a far better source of probiotics. According to Healthline.com, kefir is jam-packed with multiple strains of good bacteria and yeast.
Miso: A staple of Japanese cuisine, miso is traditional seasoning made from fermented soybeans and most commonly eaten as miso soup. Miso comes in many varieties, so you can take your pick of this salty food paste.
Kimchi: This spicy Korean side dish is made from salted and fermented vegetables, making it a good source of probiotics for those who enjoy a touch of heat.
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Study: Acupoint-stimulation just as effective as NSAIDs in reducing pain from dysmenorrhea

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Study: Acupoint-stimulation just as effective as NSAIDs in reducing pain from dysmenorrhea

A Chinese review of assorted literature found that acupoint-stimulation possessed the potential to provide pain relief for cases of primary dysmenorrhea (PD). Furthermore, the traditional medical therapy compared favorably with conventional treatment that uses Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs).

Researchers from the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine conducted the review. They published their findings in the scientific journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Six databases provided material that dated back to December 2014. The researchers selected randomized control trials that compared acupoint-stimulation with NSAIDs in the treatment of PD cases.
The final list comprised 19 studies with a total of 1,679 PD patients. The control group consisted of patients who underwent NSAID treatment, while the other group comprised those who took acupoint-simulation.
Comprehensive meta-analysis statistical software analyzed the studies based on five primary outcomes: The rate of clinical effectiveness, symptom score, visual analog score, variation in peripheral blood prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α), and side effects.
The total efficacy of the PD patients who underwent acupoint-stimulation surpassed that of the NSAID-reliant control group. In addition, the therapy achieved positive effects in relieving the severity of the symptoms.
The statistics of the two groups did not show any difference when it came to a reduction of the visual analog score (VAS) that indicates the degree of pain. However, the variation in PGF2α between the two groups was positive. The control group also experienced more side effects than the acupoint-stimulation group.

The researchers concluded that acupoint-stimulation is an effective means of relieving pain for patients who suffer from primary dysmenorrhea. They conclude that traditional Chinese medicine can serve as a complement for existing therapies or act as a non-pharmaceutical alternative.
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FDA finally approves the USA’s first medicine derived from marijuana – is full decriminalization coming next?

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FDA finally approves the USA’s first medicine derived from marijuana – is full decriminalization coming next?
In a move tens of millions of Americans never thought they’d live to see, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved the country’s first medicine derived from marijuana, which has led supporters of recreational pot use to believe full decriminalization may be coming next.

As reported by STAT, the approval for Epidiolex (cannabidiol) was announced on Monday. The drug was approved for use in two rare but crippling forms of epilepsy.

Made by GW Pharmaceuticals, the CBD-based drug includes a component of the marijuana plant that does not get users “high.” Given to patients as an oil, it was shown to reduce the number of seizures by about 40 percent in clinical trials for those diagnosed with Dravet or Lennox-Gastaut syndromes.

“This approval serves as a reminder that advancing sound development programs that properly evaluate active ingredients contained in marijuana can lead to important medical therapies,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement. “And, the FDA is committed to this kind of careful scientific research and drug development.”

STAT reported that the FDA’s decision to approve Epidiolex was anticipated. Agency officials had previously said they supported the approval, while an advisory panel had already unanimously recommended it be offered as a treatment to appropriate patients.

Some health experts expressed concerns that the drug may have a detrimental effect on the liver. But others said the potential risk could be addressed by physicians and other primary care providers when they monitor patients during treatment with Epidiolex.

There is one catch: Before the drug can be marketed by its maker, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will have to reclassify CBD because, in this case, it comes from marijuana which remains a Schedule I drug – a classification meaning it has no medicinal value but a high risk of being abused. That said, DEA is expected to change its classification within 90 days.

POTUS Trump supports decriminalization
“This approval is the culmination of GW’s many years of partnership with patients, their families, and physicians in the epilepsy community to develop a much needed, novel medicine,” GW CEO Justin Gover said in a statement. “These patients deserve and will soon have access to a cannabinoid medicine that has been thoroughly studied in clinical trials, manufactured to assure quality and consistency, and available by prescription under a physician’s care.”

So far, a list price for Epidiolex has not been announced by its maker.

The drug was only approved for the two specific conditions. However, analysts believe doctors will prescribe it off-label for several additional epileptic conditions.

The reclassification of CBD and the approval of the first marijuana-based drug is leading many Americans to believe that full decriminalization is coming next.

Earlier this month, NewsTarget reported that President Donald Trump voiced support for bipartisan legislation that would end federal prohibition of marijuana. He’s said to be favoring legislation that would remove marijuana from the Schedule I list and allow states to decide for themselves whether they want to “legalize” it. (Related: Texas – yes, Texas – could be the next state to end cannabis prohibition.)

On his way out of the White House to the G-7 summit in neighboring Canada – said he “really” supports legislation co-authored by Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, and Cory Gardner, R-Colo., that would give states back more of their constitutional autonomy as it pertains to the authority to decide their own marijuana usage laws.

“I really do. I support Senator Gardner,” he said in response to a reporter who asked whether he backs the legislation. “I know exactly what he’s doing. We’re looking at it,” Trump said. “But I probably will end up supporting that, yes.”

The bill is called the “Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Entrusting States (STATES) Act,” and in part, it would “amend the federal Controlled Substances Act to exempt state-legal marijuana activity from its provisions.”
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How NOT to spend your weekend if you want to have a good week: Habits to avoid

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How NOT to spend your weekend if you want to have a good week: Habits to avoid

Who doesn’t look forward to the weekend? For some people, it can motivate them to get through the week – be it from school or at work. The weekend is short, and – understandably – you want to make the most out of it. However, there are some habits to avoid during the weekend.

Going all out at the gym – According to Scott Weiss, a physical therapist and trainer in New York, working out intensely on the weekends to make up for the lost time on the weekdays can result in serious muscle soreness and potential injuries. However, if the weekend is the only available schedule for exercising, Weiss suggests that instead of going all out, it would be better if a person takes time to warm up thoroughly, stretch, and exercise moderately. (Related: Choose to be healthy and keep pounds off over the weekend.)
Rarely getting up from the couch – Being a couch potato over the weekend is one of the things you should avoid doing. This results in a bad platform for health in the following week. In addition, sitting on the couch all day results in stress on the lower back, tightens the hip flexors, changes posture, and causes stagnation of blood, veins, lymph flow, and digestion.
Running errands the entire weekend – According to Moe Gelbart, a psychologist from Torrance Memorial Medical Center in California, spending the entire weekend running errands can result in a work-life imbalance. In turn, this can make you feel burned out. Learn to prioritize what is needed to be done first. “Categorize things according to ‘essential,’ ‘not essential,’ and ‘in the middle,’ to decide what can wait and what’s an immediate need,” said Gelbart.
Stressing out on Sunday thinking about Monday – Dreading for Monday during the weekend can remove the fun out of your day off. According to Gelbart, being stressed out every Sunday can result in irritability and can negatively affect your health and your relationship with the people around you.
Working during the weekend – Even a little bit of work like checking on emails during the weekend can easily turn into a lot of work. Set a limit of 30 minutes maximum if you really have to check your emails. Working during the weekend can affect your relationships with your friends and family, making them feel unappreciated and ignored.
What to do during the weekend?
Now that you know what not to do during the weekend, here are some tips on how to make the most out of it.

Plan ahead – Make plans during the week on what you aim to do at the weekend. If you do not have plans, you will more likely end up doing nothing instead. However, planning ahead does not mean there is no room for spontaneous activities.
Spend time with your friends – Everyone is busy with their own lives; however, it is still important to catch up with your friends. Make an effort to arrange a meet-up with them.
Spend time outdoors – Get a little bit of exercise and fresh air to make you feel energized by simply taking a walk, run, or hike.
Treat yourself – It is important to remember that you should also treat yourself. Being constantly surrounded by people and activities can be fun but also tiring. Allow yourself to indulge in a book, listen to some music, or just chill out.
Find a new hobby – Your job may be forcing you to do the same old things during the week. During the weekend, you can break these routines. One way is to find a new hobby that you could enjoy doing by yourself.
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Mum’s the word? Why oversharing might be dangerous to your mental health

Категория: Health

Mum’s the word? Why oversharing might be dangerous to your mental health

We’re all just humans – which makes it perfectly understandable why we tend to look for some kind of release whenever we’re feeling happy, down, ecstatic, or simply bored. Sharing what’s inside our heads – sometimes, even what’s inside our hearts – can easily take some of the stress from us. However, we should all set limits on just how much we share.

Since it’s easier to communicate today, thanks to social media platforms and digital communication tools, we tend to overshare details about our lives. The downside is, while we mindlessly tell people things about us, we forget that there should be boundaries, such as how much we say and how our confidant should treat the information they receive.

This situation is what sparked the interest of Lindsey Aloia, assistant professor of communication at the University of Arkansas, which prompted her to initiate a study on human behavior. She decided to study people’s reactions once they find out that information they considered private was relayed to the public by a person they trust.

Aloia used the data from a survey she distributed to 216 college students about the disruption of privacy for her findings. They included details about the number of people they shared their secret with, the emotions they felt, their thoughts on privacy breach, and what they’ve done as a response.

Results showed that it is normal for people to feel angered and saddened when their private matters are discussed or shared with the public without their consent. It also appeared that the number of people who received the information was a predictor of emotional response.

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The level of emotions – anger, fear, and sadness – increased in conjunction with the number of people who breached the privacy. This kind of situation is mentally unhealthy as an original owner tends to lash out at those who snitched on him through yelling, attacking, or arguing with them.

Moreover, this kind of response grows stronger the more the owner thinks about the breach. Students in the study who responded with fear and sadness reported having become withdrawn.

According to the context of communication privacy management theory, which Aloia used, any private information is considered a possession, and once it is shared, it also becomes the property of the other person. Naturally, the original owner of the information expects that the person he/she shared the secret with would keep it — it’s as if there’s an unwritten rule about it.

In the event the unwritten rule is violated, regardless of how implicit it was, the original owner will go through a phase called the “boundary turbulence,” as per the theory. Essentially, it is similar to the feeling of being betrayed.

Some studies conducted in the past hinted that there are people who use such an event or opportunity to reevaluate their relationship with the co-owner and tweak or create new privacy rules. Meanwhile, other studies suggest that “a breach of confidence weakens the relationship.”

Aloia concluded that in this age of social media, there is a considerable need to set boundaries, particularly in sharing the private information of other people. She added, “Although it takes coordination at the start, it’s an important step in the process.”